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Muslim Forum Sandnes was established in the early 80’s by a small community of about 50 50 Muslims to serve the community in the light of the teaching of the Quran and Sunna of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) (PBUH).
It is a registered charity in , Norway with Reg. . No: 985 695 318 and is located in Sandnes,, Rogaland.
MFS has for a long period wanted to have a separate building , and in the beginning,,no,the dream came true thanks to Allah,,no 2018 gikk drømmen i oppfyllelse takket være Allah. Although we have a temporary space in the center of Sandnes , which is currently rented out , it doesn't fulfill our needs. This is because the Muslim community has a strong increase in growth. We have ca 1300 registered members with more than 30 nationalities.