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Friday Prayer / Jumah prayer / Salatul Jumah

Jama’a kl:

It will be Friday prayer in 1 round until otherwise clarified.


Download the prayer table for March 2023:



Last ned ramadankalender 2023:


The extreme period lasted 21. august, where we then went back to a normal period. Normal period means that fajr will again occur when the sun is still 16 degrees below horizon, and Isha will occur again when the sun is up 15 degrees below horizon. In this case, the IRN prayer time committee has concluded that there will not be a transition period, but only a jump away 20. til 21. august. The change will reflect that real time for prayer has now been introduced. This will mean that fajr and isha time move by a good number of minutes. Jamaah times are updated every month and is usually performed together in the mosque to the figures given. Due to the Covid-19 virus, we ask everyone to remain cautious. The mosque will be open in 30 minutes, and shut down until the next prayer.

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