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Fixed monthly payment

 Tilt via #84215




MFS has for a long period wanted to have a separate building , but lack of necessary funds meant that we could not buy a new building until in 2019. The temporary place we had in Vågsgata 9 was bored, and there were naturally enough restrictions on what we could do with internal upgrades. With our new premises in Storgata 61, then the mosque remains in the center of Sandnes, at the same time as it is something the mosque owns itself. We have ca 1300 registered members with more than 30 nationalities.

We plan to expand the building in the main street 61 so that it can meet our increased needs.

Building demands:

    1. Central location because most of our members do not have access to personal transport.


    1. Adequate area for mosque



Here you might donate to the mosque.

As you may already know, the mosque has some projects ongoing in order to provide better service to the Muslim community in Sandnes , but these can only be made possible by your help – become part of the good work and show your support and donate; everything is appreciated. There are a number of ways to support project; such as:

Agreement giro:
This is the best solution that makes it easy for both donor and recipient (Mosque), feel free to set aside a fixed amount per month and it will be automatically deducted. Here, the donations will go to expansion / purchase of a new building, operation and maintenance of the mosque, to projects for children and young people, education and the like. In practice, these are funds that are used on the members of Sandnes Mosque, so that they get an even better deal for themselves and their families.

Donation via VIPPS no: #84215. Here you can choose for what purposes you want to give money to

Cash should only be given to authorized personnel and a receipt must be obtained.

Please print out checks to «Muslim Forum Sandnes” and give it to one of the mosque committee members. Alternatively, you can add it:
Muslim Forum Sandnes, Muslim Forum Sandnes Postboks 567, 4306 Sandnes

Bank overføring / Bank transfer:
We welcome your bank transfer set up regularly to give support to us . For example a fixed monthly amount with the following information:

Recievers bank account name: Muslim Forum Sandnes.

Building account

Bank: Sandnes Sparebank

Account: 3260 25 10270
Iban: NO 06 3260 25 10270

Swift-code: SASKNO22

Qarz – E – Hasnah:

Qarz – E – Hasnah refers to making charitable contributions in order to get the reward in the next life. It takes the form of an interest free loan for a period you specify. We would appreciate any Qarz – E – Hasnah and we will promptly return your capital upon request..